Killer Bakery LA

Killer Cookie Box


Ever wondered what type of cookie your favorite horror movie killer likes? Here's our spin on your slasher's favorite treat!

Cookie Flavors

  • Freddy Krueger - Coffee Swirl Cookie: Stay awake with this chocolate chip +  coffee swirl cookie! ☕️
  • Ghostface - Cookies 'N (S)Cream Cookie: Chocolate chip cookie + Oreo bits - need we say more? 🔪
  • Hannibal Lecter - Arancia Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie: Our favorite cannibal would agree, orange zest + a dark chocolate chip cookie is a great pairing 🍷
  • Jason Voorhees - S'mores Cookie: Camp Crystal Lake isn't a camp without s'mores! 🏕️
  • Leatherface - Chocolate Chip Eye Cookie: Chocolate Chip Cookie featuring white chocolate hand-painted eyeballs 👁️
  • Michael Myers - Candy Cookie: Trick 'r Treat faves M&Ms and Butterfinger Bits in a chewy cookie! 🎃

Box Sizes

    • Small: 6 Cookies; 1 per flavor
    • Medium: 12 Cookies; 2 per flavor
    • Large: 18 Cookies; 3 per flavor
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